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Welcome to “Eco Bookstore” – the online book store from that offers a wide range of books on eco-friendly and the emerging trend of upcycling arts. We offer a carefully curated selection of books on related topics around the theme of upcycle art and craft, eco-living, the art of found objects, upcycle artists, books on various materials and techniques, and more. Shop with us to discover new ways of living sustainably and creatively.

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The “Upcycle Artist’s Handbook” is a comprehensive guide for experienced and beginner upcycle artists and crafters, published by our editorial team at UAACS. It covers a wide range of topics intended to provide readers with a thorough understanding of upcycle art, from its roots to its potential for growth and development. It includes the concept and history of upcycle art, material preparation, and techniques, industry guidelines, featuring several upcycle artists from diverse backgrounds, turning upcycle art into a sustainable business, and future developments in upcycle art.

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We at Eco Bookstore hand-picked various books on upcycle art and craft worldwide, upcycle artists, the art of found objects, traditional recycled craft worldwide, eco and sustainable living, and other related topics for upcycle artists and crafters for reference. If you are our Advanced Member and have published your own book on this topic which is selling on Amazon, you may be accepted to be listed on this Eco Bookstore. Contact us with your Advanced Membership number and a link to your Amazon book for our review.